How to gain the acceptance of all stakeholders may seem easy. It is not. How to tackle this apparently simple challenge is what Communicative Leadership is about. The ORVIETO ACADEMY for Communicative Leadership is where you can learn all about Communicative Leadership. Experienced and passionate trainers offer new perspectives and surprising insights, deliver tools and train skills to improve performance with the help of positive impulses.

Our trainings and workshops can now be booked over the new Website of the ORVIETO ACADEMY for Communicative Leadership


We offer training, Workshops interaction and team building for managers, members of the C-suite (Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Operations Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Human Resources Officers, Chief Communications Officers etc.), consultants, professionals and entrepreneurs.

The Orvieto Academy’s offers are aimed to help companies and professionals to establish an enduring, resilient and truly sustainable strategy.


The Workshops at the Orvieto Academy for Communicative Leadership are all being offered in the area of Orvieto and the Tuscia region in Umbria.

The cradle of the Etruscan culture, more than 2,800 years of cultural heritage, a breathtaking architectural and natural setting, the culinary tradition of Central Italy and a particular attention to rediscovering the charme of a slower world, with a better awareness of one self, general mindfulness make Orvieto one of the most attractive destinations among those unknown to the larger public.


The balance between the learning, the exchange and interaction by workshop participants, the experience of the natural environment all contribute to a truly unique personal growth experience.

It’s not about luxury, it’s not about Disneyland fancies, it’s not about six-Star services of facilities of cool but frantic mega cities. It’s not Hong Kong, it’s not New York nor London, Paris or Berlin.

Orvieto is not blatantly fancy, it’s not “in the face”. It’s not loud, theatrical, whimsy, hectic. People are reserved, respectful and most of the locals have a very demure sophistication to them, ideal to foster mindfulness and awareness for grace, for the typical Italian concept of beauty, best described by the Greek term poiesis, beauty with a purpose.

This is why it’s the ideal place to learn and discuss a leadership style and a management strategy that respects the stakeholders, listens to their needs, accepts different viewpoints and drives pleasure from giving stakeholders pleasure.


The virtual Orvieto Academy for Communicative Leadership started only with Masterclass Programs in 2016 by Emilio Galli Zugaro. In 2017 the scope was enlarged and with Tina Hunstein-Glasl it became what it is today, an academy offering on-site workshops and consultancy in Germany and Orvieto as well as digital courses and the connection to extraordinary trainers in the fields of leadership and communications.

A former political consultant, journalist and top manager for 38 years, Emilio Galli Zugaro now teaches Communicative Leadership at Ludwig Maximilian’s University in Munich and at the European School for Management and Technology in Berlin, is Chairman of Methodos, S.p.A., Milan, the Change Management Company, Senior Advisor of FTI Communication Consulting and has published a book on Communicative Leadership with behavioural economist and psychologist Clementina Galli Zugaro: “The Listening Leader”.