Communicative Leadership

What is Communicative Leadership?

Communicative leadership is the corporate translation of empathy and active listening. It describes the ability of a company to become a truly communicating organization with an empathetic and outside-in culture which is able to listen to all internal and external stakeholders in order to drive decision-making processes and therefore ensure a constant transformation and adaption process.

Threats of social media empowered capitalism

Every single customer can make a company lose its license to operate. Employees can become a threat for the success of a company. Investors and NGOs can cause trouble.

Addressing those threats with a defence strategy may be good for a monopoly, a company acting in an oligopoly, corporates working in countries with a weak legal system lacking independent justice.

Word of mouth recommendation is the trick

But winning the enthusiasm of customers, hiring and developing the best talents, attracting investors who look for a safe and sustainable investment, getting the license to operate by non-governmental and governmental bodies is the road to a success likely to endure.

This enthusiasm only leads to strong and endurable relationships if it leverages the word of mouth. The convinced and enthusiastic recommendation by a friend or a family member is the most credible and trusted path to profitable growth.